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In 2021, the book Calu Fontes was released, published by Editora WMF Martins Fontes, celebrating 20 years of the artist's career.

Divided into two volumes, the publication has editorial coordination by Luciana Farias and Baba Vacaro, text by journalist Cristina Ramalho, design by Bloco Gráfica and images by photographer Ding Musa. The pages are stamped with works by the artist, who has always used illustrations to express herself, bring together a diversity of elements, languages ​​and supports orchestrated in a harmonious way.  

During the process of designing the book, Calu goes back to her origins, revisits old works and, with the intention of producing an artist's book, brings new creations to life. “It was a process of revisiting, a voyage of discovery, and I incorporated everything that was along the way. The two volumes are a narrative created from my look at the past and a desire to open myself to the new”, declares the artist.

The book is available for sale in the publisher's virtual store and in several bookstores.

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