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Calu Fontes went beyond the limits of her studio. Today, her art also lives in decorative objects, hydraulic tiles, wallpaper, bed and table, dining sets, furniture, stationery, jewelry, fashion accessories, lingerie, among others. The artist's entire incredible universe served as inspiration for the creation of the product lines signed by her for several partner companies.


Like many exponents of Brazilian design, who have worked with Tok&Stok over the last four decades, Calu has offered her design to the collection Natureza, Mar e Pomar and, more recently Delinear and Natureza Botânica, in plural, genuine and engaging creations.

Learn more about the collections on the Tok&Stok website.



What happens when two passionate about ceramic art put their ideas together? Unique visual experiences are the result of the partnership between Decortiles and artist Calu Fontes. In several collections, the artist brings her rich universe to tiles, hydraulic tiles and cobogó brick.

Learn more about the collections on the Decortiles website.



The elements present in the ceramics and tiles by Calu Fontes served as inspiration for the wallpapers developed by the artist for branco. Mandalas, elements of nature and vibrant colors create a journey through the universe of dreams and imagination.

Learn more about the collections on the branco website.

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