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It all started when Calu was a child, with a notebook full of drawings and inspirations. In the architecture college, sketches and project models were losing ground to mandalas, flowers and saints. Little by little, informal gifts for friends were transformed into pieces that began to be sold in her first studio, in São Paulo. 

In a colorful journey, which has lasted 25 years, the art of Calu - from São Paulo in ID and Bahia from family, body and soul - no longer inhabits only tiles and ceramic pieces. Her style overflowed formats and materials and today it invades different environments in the houses, creating unique sensations for those who contemplate them.

“In the work of Calu Fontes, the whole is not the simple sum of the parts. Your intuitive mind searches through residues of memories in search of fragments of beauty, colors, shapes, symbols, drawings, words – and overlays them without economy, creating unconscious connections that together determine new choices”, Baba Vacaro, designer.

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